Information Technology Directorate (ITD)

Welcome to Information Technology Directorate (ITD)



To fit SAEC vision, ITD takes innovation, excellence, continuous learning and updating to achieve stability and reliability in our offered services.



• Construct and manage local network and internet.
• Database creation and administration.
• SAEC’s Website designing and updating.
• Statistically, Analyze research projects.
• Publishing the cyber security culture among SAEC staff.
• Transfer know-how of relevant courses such as MATLAB, GIS, SPSS and ICDL to SAEC staff.



ITD has been established on June 2003 under supervision of the manager of the instrumentation center. On 2005 ITD has been independent unit taking the IT tasks with efficiency and more reliability.


ITD Structure:

Nowadays the ITD became general directorate taking various tasks in many related topics depending on its sections and departments. It consists of the following departments:



Roles and Responsibilities:

ITD is responsible of local networking, database administration, internet security, computer maintenance, website designing and administration, statistical analysis and training in relevant topics.