Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Welcome to Non-Destructive Testing

It stands to reasons that Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is among the vital technologies, which required to ensure the safety and quality of industrial products in all manufacturing stages and during service lifetime. This importance entail systematic qualification process for the personnel involved in the NDT practice. Qualification of NDT personnel in accordance with EN ISO 9712 is most widespread approach in organizing the NDT certification.

In Sudan, the NDT Department of Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (SAEC) has dedicated itself to build, strengthen and sustain the national capabilities in NDT by transferring EN ISO 9712 qualification scheme, supporting the NDT and quality culture, and contributing in shaping accepted standards of respectable, professional and ethical behavior.

The Department was established in 1999 to be the first NDT unit in the country, since then; we are competently contributing in the success of Sudanese industrial projects. We recharged the NDT industry in the country with human resources as a part of our efforts to sustain the technology in Sudan. A vast majority of the NDT personnel in Sudan have passed through our training and career building programs.

From 1999 till now we are involved in technical cooperation with international organizations to achieve our objectives and mandate, of them; the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the main partner and biggest supporter for the NDT projects and activities, and the Southern African Institute of welding (SAIW) is key for the acquisition of the required knowledge, training and expertise.

In 2009 the NDT department was awarded the status of Approved Training Body under the authority SAIW certification for NDT training courses complying with requirements of ISO 9712. In 2016, this approval was extended under the support of AFRA projects of IAEA to the operation of the independent examination unit to form the first NDT personnel qualification body in Sudan.

In summary, what we do?

We provide NDT training in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 9712, our approved training courses are followed by examinations. After satisfying the certification requirements, the NDT certificate is issued by SAIW certification, Johannesburg, South Africa.

NDT Department of SAEC is the FIRST and ONLY approved NDT qualification organization in Sudan.


Is to build, maintain and sustain an accredited and consistent NDT qualification facility in Sudan, to provide training and certificates in accordance with the international norms at affordable cost and world-class quality.


Is to be the most qualified, consistent, professional, and preferred training center in Africa and Middle East.