Last News National (AFRA) Training Course on Programmable System on Chip using Xilinx Zynq-7000 Module

Sudan Participation in 28th AAEA general conference, on May 22, Tunisia:

The State Minister Of Higher Education, and Scientific Research, Dr. Eltigani Mustafa and SAEC Director General, Prof: Abdel Ilah Musa represented Sudan in the 28th general conference of Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA).

Conference’s Conclusions:

What can be concluded from this conference?
  • The confirmation of the impact of nuclear peaceful usages and applications on community’s needs and development.
  • The selection of a newer AAEA Director General for the next administrative cycle.
  • Activate the role of Arab nuclear inspectors' network by offering financial support from IAEA and AAEA alongside.
  • Appreciate the interest of Tunisia to host the 13th Arab Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy upon cooperation with a second partner for financial assistance.
  • AAEA financial issues and sources.